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About Us
LQM Petroleum Services:
A global leader in marine fuel oil brokerage and Web-enabled services and support
LQM Petroleum Services, Inc., is one of the largest international marine fuel oil brokers. With 30 years of experience and worldwide resources, we are well positioned to meet the wide ranging needs of buyers and sellers alike—anywhere, at any time.

LQM was incorporated in the United States in 1982. Today, the company has US offices in New Jersey, Connecticut and Texas; London, Paris, and Singapore. (For office details, “Click here.”) Our offices are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced brokers complemented by a proficient and dedicated team of technology, financial and administrative professionals.

Recently, LQM launched a groundbreaking Web site, BunkerVision. BunkerVision provides subscribers with information, analysis and analytical tools that are critical to efficient operations and achieving key business objectives. As close as one’s personal computer, BunkerVision offers a combination of features in one place that can’t be found anywhere else, including real-time pricing, port arbitrage, price volatility, fuel quality benchmarking, geo price maps, market news, customization capabilities and much more.
Our objectives
• Add value in fast-changing, complex oil and shipping markets
• Provide world-class service and support to our clients
• Conduct business and maintain relationships at the highest standards for ethics and honesty
• Perfect “the Standard” — LQM’s bunker management service via an ISO certified process from planning order to final payment and performance review.
Our core competencies
• Spot market—marine fuel oil brokerage
• Futures market—risk management for marine fuel oil and distillates
• Tailored, outsourced total bunker procurement solutions
• Software for better business control and insight
Dashboard® — bunker procurement software solution for analyzing and managing bunker purchases
BOptimum® — Web-based software for comprehensive bunker refueling optimization and onboard inventory management
BData™ — a complete service for collecting, validating, cleansing, consolidating and reporting benchmarking on all bunkering transactional data
• BunkerVision, the breakthrough Web site offering exclusive features that enable industry users — both buyers and sellers — to achieve their business objectives
Our strategy
• Be the leader in the high experience niche in the bunker procurement process
• Enhance our competitive edge by having the most highly trained team in all phases of industry operations and purchasing (ISO Certified 1996)
• Provide a ‘transparent’ broker model, i.e., closest direct contact between buyer and seller
• Encourage our personnel to proactively anticipate market changes by educating on news and factors impacting our markets
• Provide innovative, productivity-enhancing management tools for our clients
• Optimize efficiency, communication and information flow through leading-edge technology
Why we are different
• A neutral point of view that enables us to deliver value to all parties in the bunker chain
• Transparency and objectivity
• A commitment to the highest personal quality in everything we do
• An organization that welcomes change, not for the sake of change, but because we recognize that we must adapt to —and, preferably, lead— an evolving global market that presents new challenges to us and our customers
BunkerVision puts the world at subscribers’ fingertips
BunkerVision has been developed by a team of bunker industry specialists—professionals with decades of hands-on experience and deep insight. Our goal: To provide users —both buyers and sellers— with information and analytics to optimize their daily purchasing and selling strategies so they can meet or exceed objectives for cost reduction as well as rate of return on the supply chain.
The worldwide bunker market is complex and constantly changing. That means buyers and sellers are confronted with a lack of transparency and reliable, real-time data concerning key decision points, such as price, supply and quality. BunkerVision overcomes these challenges with reliable, up to date information and analytics —all in one place, conveniently designed for quick access and easy navigation, augmented by creative analytics and user-specific customizable reports that reveal previously unseen patterns and trends.
For buyers, BunkerVision supports sharper, on-target decisions that you need to make every day:
• Where to buy—which ports are most economical for forward liner or tramp voyages
• When to buy—manage daily volatility to your benefit, whether you buy today, tomorrow, next week or next month
• How much to buy—maximize vessel tanks in the cheapest port, minimize for safety only in more expensive ports
• What to buy—choice of grades by viscosity (price), sulphur (regulatory) and overall quality (energy, lower maintenance)
• Whom to buy from—how to rate suppliers by price, credit management and fuel quality, and ensure that all suppliers are covered for competitiveness and expanded credit
• How to structure buying terms—spot, fixed price or term floating price contracts in combination with futures, swaps and options and term contract.
For sellers, BunkerVision is indispensable when it comes to the factors you must consider, measure and review daily:
• Where to sell—strategic decision support on how to expand or contract your supply network
• When to sell—based on replacement costs and trends and movements in the spot market
• How much to sell—on any given day based on inventory ullage, incoming cargoes, hedge positions and assets under charter
• How to make evaluations—when you must choose to sell spot, contract or FFPs, and to which floating indices
• Whom to sell to—based on commercial credit risk and counterparty evaluations
• How to benchmark yourself—measure your competitiveness to BV price and monitor your ports and your competitive position relative to other ports
• How to manage risk—hedging tools that cover spot sales or offer FFPs to buyers
• How to benchmark selling performance—relative to market price index and cargo buying to cargo indices

For more information regarding our services and our Seven-Step Process, please send an email to inquiry@bunkervision.com or click here for a listing of our offices.
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